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"Rising from the Ashes: The Battle for a SWAC Win"

UAPB head Coach Alonzo Hampton & MVSU Head Coach Kendrick Wade Battle for their First Conference Win

Hey FCS NATION family, it's your boy Scottay, and we're gearing up for a HBCU clash that's more than just a game—it's a quest for redemption. UAPB vs. Mississippi Valley State – a showdown that's got "somebody's got to win" written all over it. Strap in, 'cause we're diving deep into the trenches where first-year head coaches Alonzo Hampton and Kendrick Wade are fighting for that elusive W.

Let's set the stage. Coach Alonzo Hampton's back in the UAPB realm, bringing some history with a coaching stint from '06 to '09. On the flip side, Coach Kendrick Wade is not just a Head coach; he's a product of Mississippi Valley State, a former player, and a proud alum. It's a battle of experience and passion, with both coaches eyeing that crucial conference victory.

Alonzo Hampton as the recently hired head football coach walks into the STEM Conference Center for his introductory press conference ( Photo Credit: Pine Bluff Commercial/I.C. Murrell)

Now, this ain't your typical showdown. It's a face-off where both teams are hungry, not for glory, but for that taste of victory. UAPB and MVSU are rolling into conference play with a big fat zero in the wins column. It's do or die, and somebody's walking away with that precious W.

Let's talk stats because, in football, numbers tell a story. UAPB, sitting as the second-worst in the SWAC, is averaging a humble 13.2 points per game. And who's trailing them? None other than MVSU, with a grand total of 10 points per game. It's not exactly an offensive fireworks show, but in the grand scheme, it only takes one game to turn it all around.

Coach Kendrick Wade prepares for battle vs Central State. (Photo Credit: Kendrick Wade Twitter: @Coach_kwade)

Now, let's address the elephant in the room. MVSU, what's going on, fellas? Losing to not one but two Division Two opponents? Delta State beating you by 28 points and covering the spread? That's not just a stumble; it's a full-blown faceplant. Coach Wade, I'm shaking my head too, man. It's been a rocky start for MVSU, to say the least.

On the other side, UAPB, under Coach Alonzo Hampton, managed to snag one win. They've shown glimpses of competitiveness with close losses to AAMU and Tennessee State. But hold up – last week was a reality check. Southern paid them a visit and turned their home turf into a mud pit with a 27-0 thumping. Ouch.

But let's not dwell on the past, 'cause this is the "Somebody's Got To Win Game." My prediction? Coach Alonzo Hampton's getting his first conference victory, and he's doing it big. Led by QB Jalen Macon and running back BJ Curry, UAPB is marching into this battle with a vengeance. I'm calling it – UAPB takes this one 28-13, leaving Coach Wade and MVSU searching for another week to find that elusive SWAC win.

So, FCS NATION crew, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions,lack of touchdowns, and maybe a little unpredictability. This ain't just football; it's a journey, a narrative waiting to unfold. Somebody's got to win. It's your boy Scottay and until next time YOU KNOW WHAT IMMA DO, IMMA HOLLA GOD BLESS Lord, I hope Someone Reads this.


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