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Scottay’s Inside Scoop: Countdown to the 2023 SWAC & MEAC Challenge

The 2023 SWAC & MEAC Challenge is about to go down, and it's going to be a clash of titans like you've never seen before. We're talkin' South Carolina State, led by the legendary Buddy Pough, facing off against Jackson State, under the guidance of the one and only TC Taylor. Buckle up, but before the first whistle blows, let's dive into what's going to make this game one for the ages.

Oldie But Goodie: OC Kevin Magouirk is Back

Hold onto your helmets, 'cause we've got a blast from the past. Kevin Magouirk, the former SC State OC from 2008-2012, is making a triumphant return. He's back to add some old-school flair to the Bulldogs' playbook. But make no mistake – Magouirk isn't a nostalgia act. He's blending his seasoned wisdom with modern tactics, and that's going to be a game-changer for SC State's offense, and he is tasked to bring the best out of Corey FIelds.

The Deion Exodus & Squad Shake-up

Let's keep it 100, y'all. When Deion Sanders left Jackson State, it was like a mic drop heard 'round the football world. That move caused a high player turnover as some followed Prime Time to Boulder, Colorado. Now, with T.C Taylor having to rebuild and reshape THEE (see what I did their) identity of the team is no easy task. How this program responds in the era of AP (After Prime) we be anyone’s guess but a lot of HBCU fans are expecting that OLD THING BACK which means back to losing.

Redemption Remix: The 2021 Celebration Bowl Flashback

In stunning turn of events in the 2021 Cricket Celebration Bowl, the favorite Jackson (Miss.) State Tigers went down to the South Carolina State Bulldogs, 31-10 at Mercedes Benz Stadium before a bowl record 48,653 fans | PC: Mickey Welsh / Advertiser / USA TODAY NETWORK

Ah, the memories of the 2021 Celebration Bowl – where South Carolina State took down Jackson State with a convincing 31-10 victory. The Tigers have been stewing on that defeat, and you better believe they're out for redemption. However, the Bulldogs should come into this game more confident than the first time knowing they are NOT playing a team as talented as the one in 2021 which boosted NFL star James Houston who they Completed took out of the game. This year's showdown is a grudge match with a dash of déjà vu.

OC Showdown: Magouirk vs. Harris

Offensive Coordinators are the architects of touchdowns, and this time it's all about Kevin Magouirk's craftiness against Maurice Harris' fresh perspective. Magouirk's no stranger to the SC State scene, and Harris is here to set his stamp on Jackson State's attack. It's a clash of minds that'll shape the offensive narrative.

Defensive Fireworks: Howard vs. Bradley

Hold up, we're not done yet – let's talk defense. Thomas Howard for SC State and Jonathan Bradley for Jackson State are masters of the D-game. They'll be orchestrating the chess match that'll see who can outplay and outwit the other. Expect big plays, massive hits, and defensive fireworks.


PC: @gojsutigersfb

It’s not easy going up against a 20 year coaching vet on national television with a fan base that’s a rabid as a hungry raccoon with rabies on a hot Mississippi morning expecting a win but, that is his task at hand. Don’t be surprised if you see T.C Taylor guard his heart because he can't afford to lose this game and have people see that JSU is not what is once was. So again, I say Pray for T.C because he’s going to need it.

P.S – If you know you aint been in the church keep them prayers between you and yourself.

Players to Keep an Eye On

South Carolina State Offensive Maestro: QB Corey Fields - This dual-threat QB has got to return to that 2021 Celebration Bowl Second Half Corey fields… Not the first Half Get him Off the field Corey fields.

South Carolina State Bulldogs quarterback Corey Fields Jr. (2) passes the ball against the Jackson State Tigers during the first quarter during the 2021 Celebration Bowl at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina State Defensive Problem Child: LB Jeblonski Green - A problem of the D-line didn’t have the year he wanted last year but he has been in big games and know how to show up and perform.

Jackson State Offensive Playmaker: RB J.D Martin - Lightning speed and game-breaking skills this is a kid you don’t want running out in open space he will pitch a tent in the endzone.

Jackson State Defensive Beast: DB/Safety Esaias Guthrie – What Award didn’t this man win in the MEAC ( Hero Sport FCS All-American, All MEAC First Team Honoree, 2022 Pre-Season All MEAC) His is coming off a hiatus of football but he back and looking to make an impact.

There you have it, fam – the pre-game scoop on the 2023 SWAC & MEAC Challenge. It's gonna be a clash of the titans, a tale of redemption, and a showcase of gridiron artistry. Remember, you heard it straight from Scottay– where I can only keep it unfiltered, raw, and real. Until Next Time imma Holla GOD BLESS!


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